About us...

      MMB Tours is a small flexible private company established in 2002 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. It was founded by young specialists in Tourism and Marketing that graduated in South Western University in Bulgaria.

     Our primary aim is to set up and run excellent SPA Travel business in Bulgaria. For two years we have increased the destinations from 3 to more than 15 SPA Resorts in Bulgaria.

     Our main service is the organization of foreign group visits to the SPA Resorts in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a perfect SPA Resort country and provides various options in this type of tourism and vacations.

     We have the skills and the desire to satisfy fully all our guests and to present to them the SPA possibilities and the tradition and culture of Bulgaria.

     We started in 2002 with a small group from Greece and nowadays we welcome groups from Greece, Turkey, Russia and Germany.

     We provide all the visitors with ongoing entertaining and cultural program and a guide during the stay in Bulgaria.

     With our precise work we have promoted MMB Tours, as a leading SPA Travel Agency in Bulgaria.

     NOTE: MMB Tours does not work with individuals. The group should be minimum of 10 persons and could reach us directly or through an agency.
          - If you wish to use our services, please ask your travel agent to contact with us.
          - If you are a Travel Agent, plese contact us if you want to be our partner in your country.

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Sonya - Office Manager
Vladimir - Office Manager
Gergana - Secretary
Natalia - Secretary
Ivan - Tour Assistant
Stela - Tour Assistant
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