Spa Resorts in Bulgaria...
Albena Spa Resort

     The major resort north of Varna, Albena occupies a pretty stretch of coast just north of Varna and south of Cape Kavarna. During medieval times the bay had two large fresh water wells and residents earned a living by selling drinking water to Nessebar, which had none of its own.

     The resort, begun in 1958, is Bulgaria's largest. The wide, six-kilometer-long beach is protected by dunes and touted as the best on the coast with comfortable 24C/75F degree water and loads of sunny days. With more than 30 hotels capable of accommodating some 30,000 visitors, the resort can get pretty crowded during peak season. Most hotels are set back from the beach, in numerous small shaded parks and gardens that help alleviate some of the congested feel.

     Albena lives up to its motto of "Where families come first." Children and toddlers are kept occupied with the likes of kiddie trains, well-equipped playgrounds, and organized festivals. But not only kids have all the fun. Adult sports include windsurfing, sailing, parasailing, speedboating, scooter-driven parachuting, pedalboating, waterskiing, horseback riding, archery, mini-golf, roller and in-line skating, bowling, tennis, bicycling, beach volleyball, and wall climbing (for the truly bored). To soothe sore muscles after all that physical exertion there are balneo-therapy treatment centers.

     Night Life is as equally varied and includes casinos, discos and nightclubs with live cabaret acts and colorful floor shows. Some 130 restaurants and taverns are accustomed to catering to foreign tastes so there's something for everyone.

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