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Bankya Spa Resort

     Bankya is world-wide known health resort. It is situated in the beautiful valley on the slopes of the Lyulin mountain, 17 km far from Sofia.. It is situated in the green foothills of the Lyulin Mountain, at an altitude of 630-640 m.

     Mineral waters-slightly mineralized, hypothermal, hydrocarbonic-sulphate-sodiumt clear, colourless, with a temperature of 36.5-37ĀC and very tasting. The resort climate is temperate continental a bio-climatic respect is qualified as soothing to invigorating. The average annual temperature is 9.4ĀC (average January temperature is minimum 2ĀC, average July temperature 19.6ĀC. The summer is fresh, the autumn warm and sunny and the winter moderately cold. This climatic conditions are favourable both for year-round spa treatment, as well as for general prophylactics and the hardening of organism.

     Bankya balneotreatment resort, near Sofia is a resort of international importance. During the archeological excavations in the region many years ago remains of churches, ceramics and coins dating from the Roman times have been found. Bankya developed as resort for rehabilitation of cardio-vascular conditions with highly specialized functional diagnostics ( many for post-infraction conditions and heart operations, arterial hypertonia). It is suitable for treathment of cardio-vascular diseases, nervous system disturbances, metabolic disturbances.

     An operating complex for recuperation, prophylactics and fitness of rheutism of children was found. The specialists are satisfied with the established durable positive results and favourable curative effect of the tratment of cerebral palsy of children, neurois, thyreotoxicosis of adults, etc. Good effect is achieved on functional disease of the nervous system. Annualy over 140 000 natives and foreigners visit Bankya. There is a specialized clinic for cardiovascular diseases and collagenosis of maturing at the Medical Academy- Sofia.

     Successfully are applied pre- and post- operative rehabilitation of children suffering from congenital heart diseases. The balneomedical building is one of the most impressive buildings in the resort. This is due to its unique architecture and partly to the modern medical equipment of the dozens of diagnostical and remedial cabinets, serving thousands of people every day. Most attractive is the remedial basin. The first physio-prophylactical ground in the country is here. Specialized physicians and methodologists in curative physical training help dozens of ill people to revive their shaken health.

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