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     Bulgaria is famous its variety of resort resources. Nowadays, there are more than 240 areas rich in mineral springs, of which over 75% are warm to hot. Specialists are unanimous that all kinds of known mineral waters around the world their analogue in our country. Deposits of high quality peat and lima healing mud have been found at many places in the country.

     Bulgaria has predominantly transitional continental climate, but the majority of spas are situated in the lowlands and in the lower parts of the mountains and, at the same time these health resorts are influenced by the Mediterranean climate. The climatic conditions at the Black Sea coast are similar and the bigger resort centres also have mineral springs. Thus, the influence of the balneological and biological factors on the human organism is combined. To increase the efficiency of the resorts, combined treatment and disease prevention work are carried out by matching the hydro-mineral procedures with other physical methods.

     Thus, a highly effective treatment of social diseases is practiced at the hydrotherapy resorts in Bulgaria aiming at prolonging life and assuring active longevity.

     Bulgaria's health spas and hot mineral springs have been noted for their creative effects since the ancient Thracian, Greek and Roman times. The country boasts over 300 curative hot mineral springs, most of them converted today into modern spa resorts, featuring state of the art facilities, equipment and highly trained medical staff. The featured resorts and leading hotels offer fitness centres, swimming pools, saunas, fully equipped gyms and all sports and spa facilities. There, you can revitalize, relax, exercise, lose weight and enjoy some exotic body pampering.


     Treatment programs include: Rejuvenation, longevity, relaxation, general fitness, anti stress, body building, aerobics, diet, beauty and medical treatments, sea and underwater massages, kinetic, algae and electromagnetic therapy, acupuncture, phytotherapy, phytobalneolgy, antitab (smoking cessation) and many other treatments and procedures.

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