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Narechen Spa Resort

     The resort of Narechen is set amid magnificent pine forest on the lovely Assenitsa river in the Rhodopean mountain. Narechen is situated at an altitude of 620-660 m. The climate is transitional between the temperate continental zone and the country's southernmost regions with strong Mediterranean influence. The average air temperature is about 10C; and the average July temperature, about 19-20C.

     Thanks to the fresh mountain breezes the summer is not excessively hot and the weather is particularly fine. The winter is mild to moderately cold with many clear days. The autumn is long, warm and sunny. The relative air humidity is moderate ( about 70 per cent ). The air is extremely clean and rich in negative iron ions which have a beneficial effect on the mucous lining of the respiratory tract and on the nervous system.

     The hypothermic waters contain radon, sulphates and hydrocarbonates of sodium and calcium, silicon and small amounts of fluorine, and have a weak alkaline reaction. They are clear, colourless and palatable. The radon content ranges from moderate to high. The mineral waters of Narechen contain a number of trace elements such as lithium, barium, zinc, manganese and titanium, which are essential for the body regulatory processes. The influence of the mineral waters is especially favourable for the prophylactics of functional disturbances of the nervous system nature. Their influence on diseases of the cardiovascular system and body metabolic processes is also very good. Specialists have proved the effective influence of the Narechen mineral waters on stomach, intestine, bilis, pulmonary, kidney and urological diseases.

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