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Pavel Banya Spa Resort

     Situated on the right bank of the Tundja river is an unquestionable leader in the top chart of the Bulgarian resorts. The mineral waters spring from seven natural and drilling sources with similar chemical composition. The content of radon in the waters of the several springs is 1-11.4 nonocures. Most of the waters are fluoride, slightly miniralized. The high content of fluoride and metasilicon acid, as well as the expressed hyperthermality have good healing effect on a number of joint diseases. Pavel Banya is a leading centre of rehabilitation and healing of diseases of the locomotor and the nervous system. But the most effective results are achieved at the treatment of diseases of the locomotory system and traumatic conditions of the spinal cord.

     There is a modern centre for treatment of paraplegia. Narechen is situated at an altitude of 620-660 m. The climate is transitional between the temperate continental zone and the country's southernmost regions where the Mediterranean influence is the strongest. The average air temperature is about 10C; and the average July temperature, about 19-20C. Thanks to the fresh mountain breezes the summer is not excessively hot and the weather is particularly fine. The winter is mild to moderately cold with many clear days. The autumn is long, warm and sunny. The relative air humidity is moderate ( about 70 per cent ).

     The air is extremely clean and rich in negative iron ions which have a beneficial effect on the mucous lining of the respiratory tract and on the nervous system. The specialists gave registered good results with post fracture conditions of slow colos formation and contractura. This effect is due to the influence of the mineral water, as well as to the various methods applied. For about ten years now mud-treatment is also applied in the spa in alternation with mineral baths. Excellent results have been achieved with thousands of patients suffering arthritis and gynaecological conditions.

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