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Varshets Spa Resort

     Varshets is situated in the northern foothills of the western part of the Balkan Range. One of the oldest and most popular resorts in Northern Bulgaria, it is famous for its curative mineral springs, mild mountain climate, beautiful scenery and a large well-kept park. The resort lies at an altitude of 304 m. The transitionally climate is largely due to the vicinity of the mountain. The average annual temperature is above 10 C. The average January temperature is -2C; and the average July temperature, 21.4C. The autumn is warm and long. Spring sets in about the middle of March. The winter is cold, and the summer pleasantly warm. The annual duration of sunshine is about 2,000 hours. The snow cover lasts 60 days.

     The mineral water of the natural springs and wells is clear, colourless, odourless and palatable. It is isothermal (32-38), alkaline, mildly mineralized and contains hydrocarbonates and sulphates of sodium with a total flow of 1,200 l/min. The hypotonic properties of the water, the low fluorine content, its softness and almost uniform temperature determine its curative properties.

     The mineral water of Varshets contains number of trace elements such as iron, lithium, barium, aluminium, strontium, phosphates, manganese, arsenic, etc. It is suitable for external use, as well as for inhalations, irrigations and drinking. It applies for treatment of functional diseases of the central nervous system, cardiovascular diseases; various diseases of the cardiac muscle and valves; chronic cardiac insufficiency; post-infraction conditions; endocrine and metabolic diseases. Good results have also been achieved in the treatment of some diseases of the peripheral nervous system, the locomotor system and some gastrointestinal diseases.

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